ICE-T is an evolution of the ANZICS Melbourne ICM Course. This course has been designed by ICU doctors and nurses, for doctors and nurses, and delves into the “behind the scenes” of what it REALLY takes to be an outstanding healthcare practitioner in today’s setting. The focus is not only on the active medical management of the acutely deteriorating patient, but also how to manage interpersonal dynamics, and your own wellbeing, during a crisis situation.

We aim to provide a course that encourages thinking outside the box, with a focus on teamwork and leadership. This year, our crisis and leadership workshop will be headed by John O’Neil, who has spent over 20 years with the State and Federal Police, half of which was spent in the field of Police Hostage Negotiation. His lecture will no doubt provide novel insights in how hostage negotiation techniques can be applied to the oftentimes emotionally charged ICU setting.

In keeping with the focus on looking after yourself, a mindfulness session will also be held during the course, headed by Jo Gibbs of Treat Healthcare.

ICE-T caters to those who want a more holistic approach to being a better healthcare provider during crisis situations, including:

  • Managing the acutely deteriorating patient – airway, respiratory, cardiovascular.
  • Crisis Resource Management
  • Effective teamwork and leadership
  • Effective communication – how to manage that difficult conversation
  • How to provide good end of life care discussions
  • How to look after yourself

We provide this with extensive simulations in small groups, along with effective group discussions, some one on one communication skills sessions, and more.

Worried about starting a new term or training in the acute care specialties?– this is the course for you!


Where and when: Eastern Health (Box Hill), Melbourne, November 9-10

Course Fee: $700.00

For registration, contact Dr Max Moser: ice.boxhill@gmail.com or maximilian.moser@easternhealth.org.au

ICE is proudly supported by ANZICS and Eastern Health, with thanks to CICM.